House Blend

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Humanity runs on coffee, and with the perfect blend, you're sure to experience the pure magic that coffee brings to our lives.  This unmistakable union of the bold and the sweet is the perfect way to boost up your day.  The coffee beans are roasted with love in the middle of light roast and dark roast, its intermediate flavor is lovely, with natural aromas which dance across your senses. This blend can be enjoyed at any time during the day, with or without milk, making it ideal for people from all walks of life.  A go-to blend that is reliable and versatile.  Get your Busy Beans House Blend and experience a unique and refreshing taste that comes in a flavorful cup!


• Made from Select Coffees from A Variety of Central and South America Origins,                 Enriching the Taste. 
• Features A Medium Body with Tasteful Notes of Nutty, Sweet Chocolate and Mild Citrus
   that Gives It A Clean Bright Finish. 
• Natural/Dry Processing and Wet Mill/Sun-dried Processing Techniques That Are Gentle     to The Environment, Friendly to The Rain-forests and Creatures of The Elevated                 Mountains Where These Awesome Coffees Grow.