6 Bean Blend

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This dark roast blend, is a fusion of coffee beans from all around the world and is the perfect brew for giving you a needed boost throughout the day.  Roasted with a great deal of expertise, it gives you an invigorating feeling, with its rich aroma keeping you on your toes.  Everything gets better with this bold cup of dripping awesomeness, and its smooth, gentle feel on your tongue makes it perfect as a base for drinks or an aromatic brew to brighten up your day.  Rise and Grind with this perfect dark roast, specially made for you.


• Great Everyday Coffee with An Unforgettable Taste
• Helps You Feel More Alert and Gives Your Tongue A Treat at The Same Time
• Standard Grind for Your Satisfaction
• Sized at 12 oz, is Enough to Keep You Going for Days