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The best Cinnabun coffee is what Busy Beans provides to kick start your day.  It's fresh, highly flavorful, and scrumptious.  Enjoy your classic cinnamon roll taste in your coffee and never worry about excess calories or sugar.  The 12oz pack of delight is roasted to a smooth medium and seeped in the high-quality Cinnabun flavoring oil while still warm. Up your coffee game from bland to blazing with our high-quality Cinnabun flavored coffee.  It's ground to a smooth finish giving you amazing texture.  With every sip, you have the unmatched distinct taste of fresh coffee beans accompanied by the sensational aroma of cinnamon and brown sugar.  A freshly baked treat like the cinnamon roll is heavenly.  If you can't eat it then taste it in our decadent Cinnabun blend.  Coffee is always a good idea, coffee with Busy Beans is a Great idea! 


• Natural and Artificial Flavoring
• Standard Grind
• Medium Roast
• Smooth Texture