French Roast

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Life happens, coffee helps.  Muddled head?  Busy Beans has the answer.  Start your day right with our awesome French Roast Coffee.  Stronger than any other dark roast, this magical coffee with its strong flavor and the bittersweet taste is the best thing to happen to you all day.  The second crack gives this amazing roast an overpowering scent that is sure to offer clarity and give you the needed edge.  This intense and smoky coffee is far less acidic than other roasts, but excellent for giving you the kick you need.  Dip into the world of this coffee wonder and let the magic begin!


• A Bittersweet Taste with A Powerful Bite to Your Tongue
• An Earthy, Umami Taste.
• An Exceptional Aromatic Nuance
• A Rich Dark Roast of Our Highest Scoring African Flavors
• 12oz Size and A Standard Grind .